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Survey results:

legend to bar charts
They are always honest 5.0 on scale of 1-5
They are competent 5.0 on scale of 1-5
The repair price is always reasonable 4.0 on scale of 1-5
They fix the problem the first time 4.0 on scale of 1-5
They complete the work in a timely manner 4.0 on scale of 1-5
They respond well when they screw something up 5.0 on scale of 1-5
They take the time to explain the problems and necessary repairs 5.0 on scale of 1-5
The shop is located in a safe neighborhood 5.0 on scale of 1-5
The hours of operation are convenient for customers 4.0 on scale of 1-5
They treat male and female customers in the same manner 5.0 on scale of 1-5
They are near public transportation (or provide loaners, shuttle bus, rides as needed) 4.0

Reviewers Comments:

Took a fairly rare Brit car in and gave them the equivalent of a blank check to fix the tranny. When i picked the thing up their bill only came to 270 bucks and that included the tow and the part. They are the first mechanics I would trust any repair to.

--reviewer #16175, 1996

Ben Kirby is a higly-qualified VW mechanic. I've taken Beetles, Diesel Rabbits, and Jettas to his shop. Good, competent and honest mechanic.

--reviewer #28358, 2001

I took my 1987 Sentra to these guys because it was running very rough. Turned out a spark plug wire was loose. They only charged me $27 (which was I thought was reasonable) when a lot of other places would've gashed me for a whole lot more - like Performance Automotive in Chapin - RIPOFF ARTISTS!!! So yeah I'll go back to Imports Plus in the future.

--reviewer #35551, 2002

Ben kept my old clunker of a Jetta going way beyond its expected life, and is now keeping our high mileage Accord functioning. Timely service turnarounds, and less expen$ive than local rapacious Honda dealer. Plus he's a nice guy, who hires nice guys.

--reviewer #78111, 2006

When I bought my Volkswagen Passat in 2001 I took it to the dealership for oil changes and required maintenance. I quickly became very frustrated with everything and everyone at the dealership! A friend recommended Imports Plus to me and I was more than happy to give them a try. They were friendly and efficient from the moment I walked in the door. I teach school and needed a ride to school when I left my car with them; they arranged for someone to give me a ride. The Passat has been developing more and more - expensive! - problems, and about two weeks ago I had to have it towed in from out of town. The friendly folks at Imports Plus looked it over, sadly delivered a very large estimate, reminded me that in about 8,000 miles I would also be needing an $800 tuneup. They also said that I might want to "take a few days and pray about it," that it might be time to think about getting another car. I am now the proud and happy owner of a Scion xB! And I will proudly and happily take it to Imports Plus for any work that it may need!

--reviewer #79044, 2006

Ben Kirby is competent and honest. I've been taking my cars (1967 Beetle, 1974 Beetle, 1989 Volvo) to them for years. Prices have always been reasonable, and you couldn't ask for a nicer bunch of folks.

--reviewer #94077, 2007

Ben and crew have kept us mobile for years. They're more thorough, informative, quicker, and less expensive than the local dealer(s), at least with the vehicles we've taken to them. (They've not screwed up anything for us, so can't answer that question.) They will also, within reason, give you a ride, if you don't mind the raggedy parts truck.

--reviewer #108614, 2007

Thanks to all for the kind words.... as far as my ratty shop truck... it's not pretty but it runs great, lol. A new prettier truck won't make us more money so it's on the back burner for now!!

--reviewer #162843, 2011

"" Imports plus has been my mechanic for about 15 years and I trust them implicitly with my vehicles. They are authorized to do work to maintain warranties for many vehicles, which they did on mine. I trusted them to do all the recommended service on my car and it definitely paid off with never needing anything other than routine maintenance. DEFINITELY head and shoulders above any local dealer in the area. It has been very cost effective for them to do all maintenance on my Toyota. They are also very courteous and make things very convenient.

"" We trust Imports Plus to take care of our car. We know we can rely on them to be honest about our car's needs and what it will take to make it run correctly. Ben even went over our car before we bought it to make sure we were getting a good deal. We believe in them!


"" For over 12 years, Imports Plus has taken care of my vehicles. The personal care and professional work are second to none. Ben and Susan Kirby are terrific owners and fine people!


It is a family-owned and OPERATED business based on HONESTY and trust. Customers are greeted with a smile and can count on quality work.
My car is all better:D So thankful for Imports Plus Irmo! You guys are awesome!
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